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Every massage given depends on your specific needs.  Massages are intergrative as they incorporate different techniques from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and neuromuscular therapy to work on areas needing treatment.  If you simply want just a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage this may be done as well.


Also known as relaxation massage, this type of massage tends to be gentle.  Gliding, kneading, tapotement, and friction strokes are used on superficial tissues of the body.  This massage is intended to relax, increase blood flow and lymphatic flow throughout the body as well as increase joint range of motion.


This type of massage works on tissues deep within the body.  It focuses on breaking up "knotted" muscle and tension that form as a result of injury or chronic muscular patterns which may limit movement, create pain, and compensate posture.  Circulation, lymphatic flow, and joint range of motion are also restored during this massage.


Massage can provide relief from many symptoms such as stress, pain, and discomfort that is experienced during pregnancy.  Healthy women with a low risk pregnancy may receive massage therapy after the first trimester.  Written consent from an obstetrician will be required before receiving massage therapy.


Stop in to take a short break during the day! No need to unrobe or be covered in lotion during this massage.  Have a seat in the massage chair and feel the tension in your neck, back, arms, and hands melt away.  This massage is typically done in 10-20 minutes.


Let the massage come to you!  Chair massage may be done at certain events

or at a company for employees.  Please call for more details.


Table Massage

30 minutes ~ $50

60 minutes ~ $75

90 minutes ~ $105

120 minutes ~ $130


Chair Massage

5 minutes~ $10

10 mintutes~ $15

15 minutes~ $20

20 minutes~ $25

Cash or check accepted. Credit cards with a 2.75% up charge. Thank you!!


Gift certificates are always available. You may also have customized certificates made for birthdays, holidays, bridal showers, baby showers, or whatever the occasion. Please give at least a 24 hour notice for customized certificates.